The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to showcase products and services to the broad cash community. 

ESTA Members’ companies are represented by their senior executives, CEO or owners.




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Next ESTA Event takes place in Budapest, Hungary, 13 - 15 May 2018 at the Hotel InterContinental


The theme of the conference “Cash vs alternative means of payment: opportunities or threats?” will review the payment instruments landscape and assess the place of cash in the jungle of electronic payment instruments. With a market share of more than 50% of all payments and 79% of payments below 20 euros, is cash at risk? Are new electronic payment technologies a threat to cash or primarily competitors to other, older electronic payments schemes?  Is a cashless society workable, let alone thinkable?
ESTA is gathering world renowned experts to debate these topics.

The 2018 Budapest conference will be a one-and-a-half day's event, with opportunity for networking with major players of Cash Management Companies and visiting the exhibition area.

The on-line conference registration opens in January for ESTA members in priority.

We would like to thank our Adherent members listed below for their participation in the 2017 Exhibition.



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Why attend ESTA conferences?

Get the latest on the Industry - High-ranking speakers from the cash

industry, as well as EU decision-makers, central bankers and other key stakeholders are present to discuss the theme of the year.

Increased company visibility - Networking opportunities for members will maximize your visibility and promote your company across the European and international cash industry. It is the unique CMC event in Europe where you will interact with industry decision-makers.

EU Information - ESTA, with in-depth knowledge of the EU Institutions, provides the latest information on EU legislation in a clear and structured manner. ESTA has developed close working contacts with EU officials who are present at conferences to discuss potential EU legislation.

Exhibition - A lively, international exhibition in the heart of the conference area, displays ESTA members’ services and technologies. ESTA members’ companies are represented during the conference by their senior executives, CEO or owners. This exhibition is a unique opportunity for conference participants to develop links with potential business partners.


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